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Berenger International has been manufacturing speed glue for table tennis since 2002. Qatar's decision brought development to a halt and Bérenger International subsequently joined forces with 2 companies specialising in alternatives solutions to hydrocarbons (current glues), 1 doctor in chemistry and 1 laboratory for tests based on the ITTF's directives with the objective of developing alternative technologies.
The ITTF has recently announced that glues containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will be banned as of January 1, 2008, in ITTF junior events and as of September 1, 2008, in all other ITTF events (see ITTF Announcement). Now is an excellent time to make the switch to healthier, VOC-free glues such as Falco Tempo Unlimited Speed Glue or Falco Tempo Booster.
One of a Kind Trading has joined Berenger International by becoming the Australian and New Zealand distributors of their products, and offer this website as a source of information, reviews and FAQs on the Falco range of glues.
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